I ran until I could go no further
Bent double, hands on knees
Heaving gasps of air toward tattered shoes
Ragged from the wear of a heavy heart

I could not catch my breath
My heart pounded against rigid ribs
I was unable to take another step
Incapable of turning around

And then my heart broke open
The shuddering stopped
My breath eased
I knew it was time

As I turned to face the beast
That chased me from the shadows of grief
Something shifted in the darkness
And a light appeared

No beast or monster lay in wait for my soul
It was the tiniest of creatures called fear
Fear that looms large in the darkness
And all but disappears when illuminated

As I stared at this creature
The light grew brighter and fear vanished from view
I was left with great peace
As I turned to make the journey home