When the heart breaks
It opens
At first the influx of energy
From the outside
Is very painful

But when I breathe
And sit holding my heart
Gently in my hand
I am no longer resistant
To what is

I am no longer attached
To the ego that screams
For me to place my heart
In a box for safekeeping
Sheltered from vulnerability

I realize it is better
To go through life
With heart wide open
Than to wrestle
With a guarded heart

Endlessly following my intellect
And my ego
As they work furiously
To maneuver around the pain
By living only past and future

I no longer choose
A life of numbness
Devoid of sadness and of joy
I know it is impossible
To feel one without the other

Instead I choose
To fully integrate
Heart and mind
Body and soul
In breath and out breath

Remaining open to love
Intimately guided
Continuing to surf
The ebb and flow
Of this ride called life