As I walked along the moonlit beach
And looked into the sea
My eyes were captured by the sight
Of her reflection next to me

As I strolled she followed me
Closely by my side
As I stepped, she kept pace
Affected only by the tide

It was only weeks ago
That the moon was waning new
A mere sliver in the sky
Not filled with light, but blue

Now she’s coming into herself
The light outshines the sky
I’ve watched her growing everyday
I do not question why

No longer looking for completion
She has so much to give
The darkness cannot hide her light
Her only choice to live

I hope I have the pleasure
Of seeing her full and bright
Providing light for everyone
A beacon in the night

As I walked I thought these things
And held her in my hand
Not owning or possessing her
This reflection in the sand

Then my gaze went skyward
And I told her face to face
That I love her more than all the stars
Suspended now in space

Her beauty fell across my soul
And I knew our love was true
With fullness in her future
There was nothing more to do

I watched with expectation
And with each passing of the night
Knowing I need not complete her
Alone she would find her light

And as my own source bubbled forth
As one born unto the sun
I realized we were much the same
There was nothing left undone

One day soon the moon will rise
As the sun slowly slips away
With perfect synchronicity
They will both share night and day

As they gaze across the horizon
Into each other’s eyes
They know this dance will last forever
As they waltz across the skies